Our Team

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Our Team

At Tully Group we pride ourselves with our diversity within our staff. Many of our employees come from a unique background from around the world. This experience is invaluable when it comes to having a comprehensive team. From PhD's to experience overseas TCG has a wide range of employees.​

Robin Tully

President, QSD, PE, Civil Engineer

Rick Tully

Vice President, QSD, cisec

Lindsey Rosano

Stormwater Project Manager- QSp, Assistant Geologist, cisec

Jaswant Singh

Senior engineer- phd, ph, qsd

Jared Brown

project engineer- qsd, CPswq

Max Serikov

project engineer- qsp, eit, cisec

Emily Hayes

project engineer- qsp, cisec

Sean Cusick

stormwater inspector- qsp, cisec

Logan Talken

stormwater inspector- qsp, cisec

Brandon Book

stormwater inspector- cisec

Juan Landeros

stormwater inspector- cisec

Robert Sousa

chief financial officer

Katelyn Anderson

office manager & lead estimator

Karen Tonks

project assistant

Ginel Foy

Office assistnat

Frances Burnett

office assistant

Kaeli Tully

director of marketing & communications

Katie MacKenzie

Stormwater intern

Mykaiah Clermont

stormwater intern


stormwater inspector


stormwater inspector

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Written by Professional Stormwater Managers

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