Our Story

Our story starts back in the 1970’s when (then) Robin Dawn Sousa was born. She grew up in a trailer park in Humboldt county, wearing clothes that her Mom had sewn and playing with hand-me-down toys. Robin excelled in school having skipped the 6th grade.

Come around to high school, Robin started to lose interest in her school work, and moved out with her boyfriend at only 17 years old. She finished up her high school diploma, and wasn’t sure where to go next. She worked odd jobs here and there to get by. She could have gone straight into Humboldt State from high school, but felt financially limited. At the time she was unaware of the potential resources that were available to hep pay for college.

And so she began at community college attending the College of the Redwoods. There she met her would-be husband, Rick Tully, in a biology course. Eventually Rick and Robin started dating and moved in. In 1994 they got married, and had their first child, Kaeli, in 1995. Robin was able to transfer to Humboldt State university into the Environmental Resources Engineering department. Whilst continuing her education she worked as a stay-at-home Mom while Rick worked at United Postal Services. In 1996 they had their second child, Kirstie.

Upon the move of some family to the Sacramento valley, Rick and Robin decided to transfer to a UPS in West Sacramento and moved to the small town of Dixon, CA. Robin completed her Bachelors degree of science after 9 years of school in Civil and Environmental Engineering. After graduating she began working for Psomas.