Our Projects

Our Projects

Bay Bridge Eastbound Touchdown

This Risk Level 2 project was for the new eastbound touchdown of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. The new touchdown was completed in September 2013. Follow up work included construction of new maintenance roads, landscaping, site beautification improvements, rock rip rap along the bay, drainage improvements, and completion of a bike path alongside the new touchdown and highway. Tully Consulting Group served as the Water Pollution Control Manager; this role entailed writing and maintaining the Stormwater Pollution Preventation Plan (SWPPP), providing stormwater inspection, sampling, and other stormwater compliance tasks for the contractor.

Winters Bridge

During the construction of a new five-span, reinforced concrete bride over Putah Creek from the City of Winters, Tully Consulting Group provided a variety of stormwater management services. We prepared a full Risk Level 2 SWPPP, detailing sources of pollution and Best Management Practices to prevent it. In addition we provided water quality resting, Rain Event Action Plans (REAPS), and submitted annual reports on behalf of the contractor. Altogether, we ensured the safety of the environment during a large scale construction project.

Highway 680 Landscape

We provided professional Stormwater Management services at this Risk Level 2 landscaping of Highway 680 in Danville. Our job was to assist the contractor in reducing pollutant exposure to the surrounding areas. We began by preparing a full SWPPP and Best Management Practices (BMP) that outlined phases of planned construction and determined which features of the job site were susceptible of pollution. Alongside these services, TCG also served as the Water Pollution Control Manager for the job; providing SWPPP inspections, stormwater sampling, and SWPPP revisions.